Posted on: 30 March, 2020

Author: mayur patel

Olive oil is very beneficial for your health. With this, many diseases disappear and beauty also increases. Whether dry skin or hair dandruff problem, olive oil relieves these problems. Diabetes If you have diabetes, you should include at least 2 teaspoons of olive oil in your diet daily. Its intake reduces the risk of diabetes type 2 by up to 50 percent. Weight Olive oil is also helpfulĀ in reducing weight. Including olive oil in your diet keeps your stomach full for a long time and does not cause hunger quickly. Also, it keeps the sugar level under control. Immune System Olive oil contains antioxidants that make your immune system strong. It protects you from common infections. This type of antioxidant is not found in any other oil. Cancer Olive oil also protects against cancer. The antioxidants found in it protect against skin cancer. It also contains oleic acid which prevents breast cancer. Facial Glow Applying olive oil after a bath improves the skin and removes acne. If the skin has turned black, scrub it daily with olive oil for 5 minutes. Get Rid of Dandruff Olive oil acts as a conditioner for hair. This makes the hair silky and soft. Also, dandruff is also overcome with olive oil. Get Rid of Chapped Lips If the lips have cracked or dried up due to cold, apply olive oil. Applying olive oil in the morning makes the cracked lips soft. For Mind Olive oil is very beneficial for the brain. This increases memory power. People who include olive oil in their diet have sharp brains and reduce the risk of brain diseases. Heart Diseases According to research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, regular intake of olive oil protects against heart diseases. It reduces the risk of a heart attack. Source: Free Articles from Myself, Mayur patel. I am a content writer, owning a web design & web development agency.